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Below is a transcription of the video above. Please note the transcription is not perfect but provided for those who would rather read that watch the video.

Hey there, I’m Dennis and I’m with and I’m recording this video today because I want to show you some information about the site. So you might already be using click funnels and you might’ve come across this site. So I’m going to show you how you can access the FREE Funnels. If you’re a small business or an entrepreneur, maybe somebody that’s looking at getting into building funnels for your business or for others, then I’ll show you how you can get signed up for the website.

So, first of all, you’re looking at the homepage here, and there’s not a lot on the homepage because it’s a membership site that you’ll log into here. I’m going to scroll down here and show you that I can build you a funnel if you would like, so maybe you’ve found this site or somebody who owns a business and you don’t want to mess with building your own funnels. Then you can reach out to me through the contact us form that will be in the menu at the top. One of the things that I specialize in for businesses is building funnels that have lead magnets so that it generates leads, which means somebody signing up for something that you’re giving away, maybe a coupon, or maybe some kind of special offer in exchange for their email address, which is very valuable, especially right now when I’m filming this, which is during the pandemic. So you want to do stuff that you can make it easier for you to generate traffic and bring people into your business or to your website or to your funnel.

So I’m got that here and then here’s how you can contact me, also on Facebook and Instagram. Here’s some other videos that I’ve recorded. So if you want to see like how some of these funnels look, without logging in or joining the website, yeah. Then you can go and click on these videos that are on the YouTube site that I created. You can take a look here, some, a review of a funnel for a cleaning business funnels for book promotion. You might be an author like myself, a brick and mortar business, so you might have a physical location. 

You can take a look at free funnels that are available for small businesses plus a video here that I’ve come across with some information on the Top 5 YouTube Videos for learning SEO, which is search engine optimization. So you might already have a website or a funnel, and you’re looking at bringing more traffic into your website or your funnel. Then I’ve got those links to that there for you. All right, let’s go ahead and scroll back up to the top and take a look at the menu here. So this is how you can join and register to access those funnels. And it’s actually 150+ Free Funnels now. And then also, if you’re doing, if you’re already with ClickFunnels already, there’s a form that I’m starting. Haven’t got at this time, anybody that has signed up for it, but if you’re new to ClickFunnels, feel free to sign up for it. And if you have any questions about ClickFunnels, you can ask me those questions. And then as we add more people into the forum, ClickFunnels used to have a forum on their website. They did away with that. I’m not sure like why they did that. So I decided to start a forum where people can ask their questions about specific areas of funnel, building and marketing and anything related, like the search engine optimization.

You might already have ClickFunnels and you might want to save on ClickFunnels by getting an annual plan. So you can click on this right there, if you would like to do that. If you’re somebody that’s new to ClickFunnels and you want somebody like myself to train you on it. I have been using ClickFunnels for three years now, about three years, and I worked for ClickFunnels for a year and a half in customer service. So I know a lot about the product. I know how the product works, how the page editor works. If there’s any issues you might have, I usually can figure out like what’s going on to help you out with that, a blog, uh, which I will be putting some of the information, like the videos that I showed you at the bottom there in the blog. If you want to know more about volunteer template marketplace, you can click on this, the privacy policy and the terms of service now to get registered. You would just click on, well, if you registered, you want to click there. Now, if you’re already registered, like I am, when you register, you’re going to put in your name and an email address, or actually not your name and an email address, your email address and a password twice. That is going to give you access to these funnels so that you can download them if you’re already using ClickFunnels. If you’re not that you can find a funnel that you think is going to work best for your situation. And then you can create an account with click funnels and get 14 days access for free. Now you will need to provide them with your credit card number and that’s to ensure that at the end of the 14 days, if you have funnels built already that you don’t have to remember to do anything and your funnels won’t go down. And so it’ll just continue. And they’ll bill you for your first month. It’s $97 for the Basic Plan. And then it’s two 97 for the platinum plan, which has a lot of great features, including the final flex, which is like Netflix, but it’s actually training marketing training from Russell Brunson, who is the founder of ClickFunnels. He’s got a lot of great training in there on funnel building and marketing. There’s also people like Frank Kern’s, and other experts out there who have partnered with ClickFunnels and provided these free courses. And those courses are worth thousands of dollars. So if you’re going to sign up, I would recommend signing up for the Platinum Plan so that you have access to all of that for the 14 days. Then if you decide to stay with ClickFunnels, which I think you will, especially if you’re a business and you’re wanting to do some of the stuff that I talked about there in the beginning, you can downgrade there to that basic plan, which is $97. So that’s up to you if you would like to do that. And then when you come back here to the site, so it’s forward slash join to sign up.

Okay. So you’re going to give your email address and you’re going to provide a password. Now, you don’t have to provide me with your credit card information or anything. So if you just want to sign up and you want to go ahead and browse the, 150+ funnels, you can do that. There’s no obligation, no credit card needed. You only need to do that. If you decide to go with click funnels and then you’ll provide that to quick funnels. So you don’t have to provide any of that. To me, just your email address and your password to access these funnels that I’m going to show you by logging in. And It looks like that I did not put in the correct Password. Let’s try that again. There we go. Update my password. So now you’re looking at the membership area, and this is something that you can do with a ClickFunnels account.

So if you have something like, maybe you’re a online course instructor, which I do teach online courses on you to me. And I have some of my courses in the ClickFunnels platform. So if you’re an instructor, you can certainly do that. And those funnels for the, um, membership sites are provided here. Everything is an alphabetical order. So you can click here on getting started, uh, with Funnel Template Marketplace. So it’ll walk you around, which we’re on right now here. So I’ll give you some information on how do you use this. Some of the stuff that I’ve already talked about on what is ClickFunnels, FunnelFlixs, One Funnel Away Challenge, which is going to give you the opportunity to sign up for 30 day challenge, which I’ve taken myself. I just finished the challenge that they had this year, because it was Russell doing it live. And if you take the challenge, then that stuff that is recorded, the information that is recorded is what you would be going through. So it’s the same exact information that I got. I’ve taken the one funnel away challenge before when I was with ClickFunnels and I took it before I started with ClickFunnels. And that’s one of the reasons why they hired me is because I took the challenge. So I was familiar with the product, but this is going to get you familiar with things like how to create a funnel, how to market a funnel, all kinds of stuff. It’s great for anybody who’s an entrepreneur or maybe a business owner, or maybe you have something like a book that you’ve written or a product that you’ve created, maybe digital product. It’s going to show you how you can utilize a product like ClickFunnels so that you can sell that to others. You might become their next 2 Comma Club award winner, which is people who have generated a million dollars in sales, which is like, I believe over a thousand individuals who have done that. And they get an award for that, that get sent to them. And then when they attend Funnel Hacking Live, which this year due to COVID is going to be in a different location. It’s going to be in Florida and it’s going to be in September. And those who have won those 2 Comma Club awards are going to get those awards presented to them on the stage. So you can take a look about if you want some more information on that. I would recommend if it’s a hundred dollars, it’s an excellent investment for a hundred dollars in 30 days worth of valuable training. So take a look at the one funnel away challenge. If you have any questions about it, reach out to me and I’m happy to answer those questions for you.

If you need ClickFunnels, help or training, you can reach out to me. I would certainly be able to help you answer your questions. So you can hire me at an affordable rate and I’ll help you out with any questions that you have help you out with like any final questions or just anything in general, with marketing, with funnels or email marketing, I’ll show you how to do that and answer your questions on it.

There’s some great, ClickFunnels, resources, which are books that Russell has written. You can also do the Affiliate Bootcamp or bootcamp, not a book camp, but a bootcamp. So the Bootcamp is going to show you like how to become an affiliate, like, which is what I’ve doing, is just the way how you can connect other people with ClickFunnels and get rewarded for that. So there’s more information there on that. If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate Funnel Hacking Secrets, hacking secrets is an excellent webinar that Russell has put together that is going to cover a lot of information on click funnels and just the different ways that you can use this product to generate income for yourself. So again, you might be an entrepreneur or a small business, or you might want to work at home. Maybe you’ve lost your job because of the pandemic. And you’re looking for a way to generate income. ClickFunnels is an excellent way to do that. And again, that One Funnel Away Challenge will give you ideas on what kind of products, what kind of things can you come up with to sell online through a funnel so that you can generate income for yourself until maybe you get that next job? Maybe you don’t want to get a job again. Maybe you want to just continue with the, a laptop lifestyle. Click funnels is a wonderful way to do that. If you want a lead funnel built for you, I can do that for you. There’s more information there on that for you. Uh, freedom mean, so if you want to set up your funnel with a .com, like my, my digital or whatever quick funnels used to do that for free, they charge $20 for that now, which is not bad because they set everything up for you. But I have a way that you can register for a free domain. If you sign up through click funnels through me and you stay with ClickFunnels for three months, then I will refund you the $12 for the domain registration. When you set up your domain and I will help you with getting that set up for your funnel. And then if you stay with ClickFunnels for three months, then I will reward you for that and refund your $12. So take a look at that. Um, because with a funnel, I mean, you can do like my, which people do, but I can tell you that all of my funnels have a website, domain name associated with it, and you might want that too.

So the different types of funnels here, there are Challenge Funnels. I’m not going to show you all of them, but when you click get this screen capture that I’ve done of the funnel. So you can see like what the funnel looks like. And then down here at the bottom is if you want this funnel for your business or whatever you’re doing, then you can click right here and it’s going to take you to click. And you can put in your information, including your credit card information. And then it’s going to download this funnel into your click funnels account so that you can customize it however you want and use it. However you would like to use it. ClickFunnels is not going to charge you for the funnel. They’re just going to charge you a monthly subscription fee. Once the end of that 14 days, like once it comes up, then at that time, they’ll charge your credit card. According to what plan you’re on. Again, as a reminder, I think that you should start out with the $97 Basic plan. So you can see the different training and funnel flex, and you can use that 14 days to watch those courses. But if you’re not going to want to pay the two 97 at the end of the 14 days, make sure through your click funnels dashboard that you downgrade to the basic plan. And you can also reach out to ClickFunnels, there’s information inside of ClickFunnels, where you can reach out to the customer service team. It’s exactly the stuff that I did and just let them know that, Hey, I’m at the end of the trial, I want to go ahead and downgrade to the basic plan and they can take care of that for you. But like I was saying, you can do that inside of the ClickFunnels dashboard too. So, and then right here, you can see this in action. You can see exactly what it looks like by clicking on this right here. Now I’m not going to click on it because it’s going, it would take me out of where I’m at right now, but you can do that. And then you can see what the funnel looks like in action. But maybe this funnel is not the funnel that you’re looking for. So you want to just continue clicking through and seeing what the different funnels are under the challenge funnels. You can see some of these they’re really nice funnels.

The nice thing about ClickFunnels is that it’s a drag and drop page editor. It’s really easy. If you don’t like something, you can change the image right here. You can change the copy, the headline using change the headline to read if you want, or different font style, uh, all kinds of different fights styles out there. And these sections, you can move them up. You can move them down. You can move these images, change the images, delete something that you don’t like, change the buttons. If you want to change the button colors. So there’s all kinds of flexibility with ClickFunnels on exactly how you want your funnel to look like. That’s why it’s so great because you might not be a technical person. You might not like have done any designing with funnels or websites. ClickFunnels makes that easy for you to do, but if you don’t want to deal with of that at all, like I said, you can reach out to me and we can talk and see how I can help you and your business, because they’d been doing this stuff for a long time.

Dark mode funnels. There’s only one here because this is something that I’d been doing, started doing mysel. Uh, if you’re not familiar with dark mode, look it up, but it’s something that a lot of people do on their tablets, their computers, their phones. It’s easier on the eyes, especially when it gets darker at night time. So I’ve created the funnel already, that is in dark mode there, and I’ll be adding some more at a later date.

Book Promotion Funnels. If you’re a author like myself, I didn’t have this kind of stuff when I wrote my first books. Actually I think I’m on one of these funnels and I have a photo of my book, which is Udemy Life. Not sure like which one I put it on, but if you’re an author, this is a great way to promote your book. This is how Russell promoted, promotes his books, like, uh, dot com, secrets, expert secrets, and his latest, which is traffic secrets. And this is a great way for you to, uh, see, I didn’t have the opportunity to just like, I just sold my book. I didn’t have a way to up sell. And these funnels allow you to promote your book and upsell because if you think about it now, um, we have physical books, paperback and hardback, but we also have eBooks and we also have audio books too, so, okay. So here’s the book for free. You just pay $10 for shipping and handling and then, Oh, okay. Now you’ve bought the physical book. Um, Hey, I’ve got this book are in this format, the ebook format for an additional $15. So that’s instant gratification right there. And same thing with the audio, because I can tell you like, uh, my first book was digital on Kindle and also the ability for people to order a paperback copy. But I’m a second, but you, to me live, I just did Kendall. Um, because most of the younger generation is now reading books online and not actually reading physical books. Now people my age and above, yes, they enjoy holding a copy of a book, but I can tell you from personal experience when I moved several times and when I was younger, I got tired of carrying those heavy books around. So now, uh, especially with my, my eyes, my vision, it’s hard for me to read small print. I like the ability to have a book, an audio, or in a Kendall format so that I can, uh, look at that, um, larger print, brick and mortar. So if you’re a physical business that you’re located somewhere and you’ve been struggling, uh, because of COVID and the restrictions that we’ve had, some of those restrictions are still around in different places around the country. Hopefully we’re on the backside of COVID and more stuff will be opening up in and more normal. But you still want to be able to capture information on those people who are coming into your store stores with an email address so that you can market to them. So you can let them know, like when you have a special offer, a sell a Christmas, sell a clearance, sell, um, maybe offering them a free drink when they come into your restaurant. I’ve seen so many places here in Idaho that don’t do this stuff. And it makes me wonder, like how they’re still in business when they’re not marketing to people. When they come in. I know that if I went into a restaurant and I had the opportunity to give my email address, maybe in exchange for $3 off a grocery outlet, and you might not have one of them where you live. I gave them my email address because they offered me $3. The next time that I came into their store and spent $25, I believe it was. Um, but, um, I gave up my email address for the opportunity to save $3 because I can always unsubscribe if I want at a later date. And, you know, people who sign up for your email list could do the same too. But if you’re continually sending them messages with valuable information or a cell or something, that’s going to benefit them, then they’re going to more than likely give up their email address. 

These are cart funnels. These are very simple funnels for somebody who might have like a business like this premium chocolate, one here, somebody who has like, maybe like they sell a premium chocolates or the cocoa bombs that you might have been seeing that have been popular, uh, in for Christmas in 2020, and still here in 2021 for Valentine’s day, you could be a business like that and have a funnel. And having people sign up to buy your product and then shipping that product to those individuals. And then they’re on your email list so that you’re sending them, you know, like the cocoa bomb, Easter, uh, 4th of July. I mean, it doesn’t have to be, excuse me, it doesn’t have to be, um, like the, um, middle of the year for somebody to drink something like cocoa Phil. I mean, you can find different ways to advertise to them. Uh, let’s see this one here, minty mouthwash, it’s a mouthwash renting guide. Now these are just examples. Somebody might not actually do this, but here, like the phone case and the bumper sticker, I know a quick funnels employee that had a bumper sticker for fishing, and they would send those out and then market fishing lures, and they would get those fishing lures through a website called and then drop ship them to individuals. And they were actually from warehouses that Ali express has here in the U S so it wasn’t having to come from China. Um, but anyway, they did that through a sticker. And I mean, you could do something like that to come up with some kind of clever sticker for an organization that you might have, and you might want to use it as a fundraiser. And then you can say, okay, so you bought this sticker right here. And for $5 more, how about this pack of 10 stickers or something like that. So there’s so many different ways that you can use these different funnels. There’s a phone case, uh, evergreen webinars, if you want to do a webinar, which will be just a mom presentation, presenting information to individuals like here, this one here is a drop shipping business, talked about AliExpress. So you might get people to sign up for a webinar, and that webinar would teach them how to do drop shipping, how to earn passive income, a real estate agent, a e-commerce store, a web class, a masterclass Island retreat, uh, might be selling like some kind of retreat where people show up, they buy tickets and then they go to some kind of Island to learn whatever it might be that you might be teaching high ticket funnels. These are tickets, a high ticket funnels are high ticket items that you can sell. So like in this one, this is a coaching program online. So fitness transformation, you don’t have to have this in person because there’s zoom and Google meet and Skype. So there’s all kinds of possibilities. If you’re a fitness expert, I see a lot of fitness experts on Instagram that post a lot of pictures of like things like their abs and things like that. And they have thousands of followers. And I often wonder, like, if they’re making any income off of that and I can guarantee they’re probably not. And you just want to like tell them, you could be making money off of your, you know, fitness expertise by doing a funnel, like the one that you’re looking at and make money off of people signing up for, and then teaching them how to do that. A wedding planner, you know, somebody that teaches people how to plan for weddings and let’s see a funnel service. So if you want to build funnels, just like ideal, there is a funnel already set up for that. That looks great. And you can get people to sign up and see like what some of the funnels that you’ve built look like, and then they would click on it. And then they would contact you and pay you for building a funnel for them. And I can tell you that it’s like something that some people might pay a couple hundred dollars, but I know of people who design funnels and they charge thousands of dollars for a business to build a funnel for them. Uh, invisible funnels is it, I just added these there’s um, about eight of these here and invisible funnels basically are funnels that just basically have information without being too salesy upfront, and then people can scroll through and read them. And then at BN right here, yes, reserve my spot, job seekers information, a video, maybe at the top, and then down here at the bottom is when they would give their information to you. And then that would be sent to your autoresponder. I use convert kit, which is another Boise company. Click funnels is also here in the Boise Idaho area. And convert kit is what I use. And you can tie that together. They integrate really well. Now other ones like constant contact it Weber. Those were great too, but there’s, uh, I like to recommend either MailChimp or convert kit, because those both have a free starter plan. They don’t give you as many features, um, as a pay plan. But if you’re somebody that’s just starting out with click funnels, then I recommend something like convert kit so that you can do the free plan. And then you can upgrade into a PD plan. Once your funnel is live in generating income for you, a lead funnels. This is the one that I spend a lot of time on because I was talking about, I’ve been talking about leads. This is basically a funnel that you’re getting an email address in exchange for something. It might be digital information. It might be a coupon. It might be like they come in and you give them, you know, like a free waxing or something like that. We’re looking at one right here with, um, it looks like a beauty specialist right there. And then, uh, let’s see, this one here was for beekeepers being mayor as a really cool final. I’m not sure like how many people are there, like doing beekeeping, but it’s a really cool looking funnel. And I mean, you can change it up however you want. Uh, if you’re not doing, you might be doing something similar to that, uh, you might have like a business that let’s say in Boise, we have a farmer’s market and you might have an iPad set up at your table and people, can you have the funnel there and put in their email address, boom. And then off it goes, and then maybe you give them 10% off right there at your booth that you have at an event like a farmer’s market or maybe any type of event that, uh, might be out there.

Let’s see. Let’s go down here, Membership Site Funnels, Hey, guess what? This is where it, like, this is exactly what you’re looking at right here. You know, this is what I’ve done several times, and this is what you can do. It works great with whatever you’re doing, where you’re offering information, where somebody signs up, and this is a good funnel, like where you can have somebody subscribe and you might offer, you know, something like a product. So I’ll be offering, even though you were able to access or you’re able to access this 150 plus I will be putting out some funnels that will be premium funnels. They’ll either be like a subscription fee for those who want access to the premium funnels, or you might have something like, well, you can take a look at another site that I have called It’s a site where somebody can sign up for a small fee each month and have access to eBooks and also videos to teach them how to do passive income like I do. So if you’re interested in earning passive income, take a look at passive income, toolbox that calm, and you can see like one of the ways that I’ve utilized these membership site funnels in order to generate passive income. And you can do the same too by grabbing one of these free funnels right here and changing it up, however you would like, that’s what I did. I used one of the bottled templates that was out there. And then I changed the background. It changed the color. I changed the fonts and gave it the look and feel that I wanted. And you can do the same product launch. So this might be before you actually launch a product that you want to get information from an individual. So you might be like this one here is a master chef and maybe the master chef is releasing a recipe book. That’s coming out in a month. But once they start getting people signing up and when the book comes out, maybe they get offered at a special price, or maybe they get the physical copy. And by giving the email address, you’re giving them the PDF copy of the book for free, and then you can upsell them the audio version. So that’s just a way to do that. By setting up a product launch.

Summit funnel is something that is being used a lot recently because of COVID-19 because we can’t have like these in-person events. So a lot of entrepreneurs are hosting these summits, these online events for people to sign up. These are some really nice funnels. I’ve gone through these many times, and at some point I might want to host a funnel and teach people passive income and get other experts in that area of expertise. So it might be passive income. It might be funnel building. It could be supplements or how to create an application for the iPhone or an Android. And you get experts that speak at the event, and then people sign up and you charge them X amount of dollars for the advantage. And then you can upsell them, you know, like maybe the recordings or something like that for the events. And then, then they would just, you know, sign up and then join the event at the time. And it would be, you know, something like Zoom or Google Meet where all of those individuals could hang out together. And then when it’s their turn, whatever time or whatever day like this one is day one, day two, that they can, uh, speak at that time. So here’s like a bestselling author. So here would be all of these different authors that are, that are going to be speaking. This event here says the 26th through August. Um, that’s the first time I’ve noticed that actually that is not right. Uh, I wonder if ClickFunnels knew that when they created this August 26 through, well, maybe it’s August 26, 2019 through June 30th of 2020, but that should actually be flipped around, but Hey, it doesn’t matter. As long as the dates of right when you set up the funnel and then you would have these different speakers with their bio, um, people would know like more information, what day they’re speaking, just like what kind of information they’re going to be getting. So a summit is an excellent, excellent, excellent way to generate income. If you’re somebody out there that you have an area of expertise and you know, other people in the same area of expertise, and you want to bring them on board for a summit to host, and there’s a funnel for you to do that. Let’s see, uh, supplement incomes. That’s pretty self explanatory, but if you’re somebody who is in the supplement business, and you’ve got something that you want to promote, Russell’s done this himself and there’s other people, this is how they’ve made their money. I know that there was a guy forget, Tom, his name escapes me, but he created a bar like a power bar and that company sold. And he’s a multimillionaire because of that. So maybe you have the next supplement that you want to promote using a funnel. And there’s all of these different funnels here that you can use that have different looks and feel. Again, you can move them around and make them your own. Doesn’t have to look exactly like how it does. That’s the beauty of click funnels is that it’s a drag and drop editor, which makes it very easy for you to use a survey funnel there.

Let me go ahead and close this one here. So if you want to survey people, maybe you want to get some information from people before you release a book, or maybe before you release a supplement or something like that, or maybe a fitness expert, and you want to see like exactly what kind of stuff people are wanting to learn. Maybe in an online course, you can use these different survey funnels here to ask them questions. And I mean, even though this says personality test there, it doesn’t have to be a personality test. You can change it to something different and it’ll walk them through the different stages. So it’ll ask them the first question. I mean, this is a great way to get somebody’s information from them by answering surveys. I know that I go on, uh, online sometimes and I find myself caught up in surveys, but you find out more about that individual. And then you can utilize that data that you get in order to create like the type of product that people are looking for, according to how they responded to the survey.

All right, VSL, isn’t a video sales letter. This is pretty simple. The video’s going to be at the top going to give them information, maybe kind of like what I’m doing right now. And then below it, you know, I might have a funnel and then information on how they can get into the site, which by the way, if you don’t remember, and you’re watching this, it’ll be in the notes or in the comments, but it’s funnel template, forward slash join, uh, to access these funnels, which again, there’s 150 funnels that are free. And at some point there will be other funnels that will be exclusive funnels that will be available for either a subscription or for a small fee, but you have access to 150 different funnels. And there’s a lot of different things that they can do. Uh, so you have these VSL funnels here that you can click through and take a look at one here’s one here with a cute dog, with a video, and then it’s pet treats. And here’s the different choice of a one month supply, three months, six months. And then if they have questions, it’s got, FAQ’s what customers are saying.

And then the order form. And that’s like one of the really cool things about ClickFunnels I haven’t really talked about is the ability, uh, the order form is there and it can connect to a service like Stripe and you can sign up for a Stripe account. Stripe account is free. Stripe will charge you a small fee. I think it’s about 3% for processing the credit card, which is pretty much standard all over the place. Yeah, PayPal, some of them charge like 2.4. You have to take a look at Stripe. You can use PayPal if you want. And there’s other payment processing services that click funnels works with, integrates with. And you can take a look at that. Uh, when you sign up for your free 14 day trial, you can find out all of that stuff on who they use, but Stripe as the main one, it’s what I use. And then PayPal is also another one, but this allows you to do things like what they call this order bump. So it might be something that’s a special offer. So you’ve got these dog treats down here. So the order bomb might be a free, like a dog collar. So if the dog gets lost or something like that, they, you know, send you a collar or a tag with the dog’s name on it. And then when they move through the order, the next thing would be an upsell. Then another upsell possibly, and then a down sell. You can find out like all of that stuff, how that works in the One Funnel Away Challenge. That’s one of the things that’s taught is how you utilize things like the order bump, and then the offers that you give people once they come into your funnel.

Here’s just another like webinar funnel. The other webinar funnels that we looked at were the automated webinar funnels. So that’s after you have a webinar, you take the video and then it’s just kind of like a, a webinar that just, uh, evergreen that keeps going it’s automated. So you record it once. Like maybe, you know, this were a webinar, then I could fed it up, fill that people would register for it. And then it would, they would have access to the video as if it were live, but it’s not, but these are live webinars where people sign up and here’s some information on, maybe these people are going to be part of the webinar and you can see there’s a video right there. And in live training, this is what I’m going to talk about. I’m going to talk about a, B and C and I’m the presenter. And these are, that are going to join me on the presentation. So make sure that you sign up below and save me a seat, and then they’ll get information on like, Hey, your registration is complete. Add this to your calendar. And then it’ll start sending out email reminders so that the individuals who register, um, are notified that the webinar is going to be taking place so that they show up. Not everybody’s going to show up. I mean, that’s one of the things about a webinar. Now you might offer them something, a freebie in order to get them to sign up so that they have to sign up and show up and then they have to stay, maybe tell the end of the webinar in order to take advantage of whatever it might be that you’re offering them for free a discount, a book, or something like that.

Vintage funnels. These are just some of the older funnels that ClickFunnels had. And so I’ve added some of those because some of them, I think are great funnels to very simple. If this one here with uncle Sam, it’s got a name and address. And when you’re asking for information from somebody, the more information, the less likely that they’re going to sign up. So myself personally, I usually get the name and the email address. Now a lot of people just get the email address, but when I send somebody an email, uh, I like to personalize it with their name, at least. So like, Hey Dennis, you signed up for our webinar. Uh, I’m excited that you’re going to be there on Thursday at five o’clock mountain standard time or something like that. So again, you can download this by clicking on these buttons right here. Or you can see like what that looks like in action. And then soon We’ll be going through like all of these different funnels and doing a review and just giving my bots and giving like, uh, information on like how you can customize that specific funnel. Again, if you want a funnel, that’s a lead funnel and you don’t want to do any of this stuff yourself, and you made it this far. You can click on that and use the form to reach out To me. Uh, this is the way That Russell did called funnel hacking secrets. It’s free to sign up and yes, he’s going to sell you on click funnels, but I can tell you that there’s a lot of great information and you can see how Russell does it. He’s an expert, he’s a pro at doing webinars. This is how ClickFunnels started. And so watch this and see what he does. And then you can come back and you can grab some of those webinar funnels. If you want to throw your own webinar, let me show you here. Let’s go to one of these, like I was saying is that you can click on and see this in action. It’ll take a few moments to load. So here it is right here. So this is what it looks like, pop up right there. So it’s a lot easier for you to see it. See what it looks like on screen. It’s beautiful. I mean, this one here, I love the green really stands out, uh, how it comes down into a pointer, right into the video with, um, Garrett J. White. You can watch that video right there that, uh, his presentation, you can actually watch it and learn some information from him. He’s someone that, uh, has known Russell for quite a long time. He’s a user of ClickFunnels and I’ve seen him present, uh, on Funnel Hacking Live. Haven’t been there, but I saw the presentation and he’s got a lot of great information, uh, uses a little bit of choice language. So if you’re not used to that, you might not want to watch, but, um, I think it’s worth it. Uh, he’s got some great information. He’s very passionate there and, um, going so again, that’s Funnel Template Marketplace, and you can get access to these funnels by watching or going to

My name is Dennis and I run the site. And if you have any questions, you can reach out to me on the top of the website, on the contact us form. Just let me know how I can help you with click funnels. Or if you have a question, a problem signing up, I would love to help you out and answer your questions and get you started on click funnels.

If you sign up with me for ClickFunnels and you start that free 14 day trial through this website. Let me know. And I will reserve an hour of my time specifically for you on zoom or Skype or Google, meet, whatever you use there for the video conference platform options. And we’ll do screen-sharing and I’ll help you out and walk you through any questions that you might have or show you how things and ClickFunnels works. Uh, you can also take the one funnel away challenge too, and learn all of that stuff. Even if we do that one hour call that I was talking about, I still recommend that you would sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge because it’s not just click funnels. It’s a lot of good information about becoming good at business in general. 

Okay. I hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching and take care.

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