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Don’t Have 10k To Learn How To Become A “Work-From-Home” Funnel Builder?

ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge

Don’t Have 10k To Learn How To Become A “Work-From-Home” Funnel Builder?

So you don’t have $10,000 dollars to become a Certified ClickFunnel Funnel Builder? That’s okay because neither do I, but there are ways you can still learn the art of funnel building. You might even learn enough that you can afford that 10k down the road so you can still become ClickFunnels certified.

You might have watched Russell Brunsons live webinar on 5/26 and experienced sticker shock when the final offer price of $9997 was revealed. 

Your First Funnel 30 Day Offer ClickFunnel Trial

While that price might be difficult for some to come up with especially if you don’t have that kind of income, there is a lot of value with what you get if you apply yourself and work hard learning how to build great looking funnels that convert lookers to buyers.  Plus the opportunity to be certified as a funnel builder giving you valuable exposure to hundreds of businesses looking for experienced ClickFunnels funnel builders.

Keep in mind that many of those who have become successful funnel builders have been self-taught and didn’t have all the tools you get with this “Funnel Builder Certification” package. I’ve been using ClickFunnels myself since 2018 and even worked for them for 20 months doing customer support from home here in the Boise area. I’ve read most chapters of Russell’s books and watched many of the lessons taught in the courses found in FunnelFlix which is part of your ClickFunnels subscription. Funnel Hacking Secrets being one of those courses which covers all the different types of funnels but accessed with a Platinum Subscription.

Funnel Builder Secrets is included in both subscription plans and teaches you a lot about the science behind funnels. Things such as copywriting , the ClickFunnels dashboard, the editor, getting started with your first funnel and more. It also dives deeper into topics such as generating funnel traffic, growing your email marketing list and lots of other valuable information. The best part is it is included in your ClickFunnels subscription along with other great courses that are thousands of dollars in value.

ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge

I know there are more experienced funnel builders out there than myself, but I know most of what is needed to build great funnels. Plus there are hundreds of pre-made funnel templates ( that make it easy to start a business as a funnel builder. Like Russell said it’s best to focus on one type of funnel and become a master at that to grow your client base. I love creating affiliate funnels and promoting products from Clickbank because of my passion for passive income.

If you are new to ClickFunnels and you’re looking for a way to become a Funnel Builder I would suggest starting with the One Funnel Away Challenge. Which is what I took in January of 2019 so that I could learn more about the software and how to build funnels which eventually lead me to being hired in customer support.  It’s only $100 to take the 30-day challenge and well worth it if you are serious about making funnel building your carrier. I continued to learn the product and started building funnels for my side hustles along with the freedom of earning more income.    

I still am learning about the different aspects of building funnels, email marketing, affiliate marketing, passive income, online marketing and always signing up whenever Russell has a live webinar to introduce something new.

>>Your First Funnel 30-Day ClickFunnels Trial

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>>One Funnel Away Challenge

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